The Battle of Leakage Detection and Isolation Methods (BattLeDIM), organized initially as part of the 2nd International CCWI/WDSA Joint Conference in Beijing, China (the conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic), aims to objectively compare the performance of methods for the detection and localization of leakage events, relying on SCADA measurements of flow and pressure sensors installed within water distribution networks.

The competition problem was based on L-Town, a small hypothetical town which experiences a large number of pipe breaks and water losses, affecting its service quality. The L-Town EPANET model and the SCADA measurements provided were generated based on a real water distribution network in a city in Cyprus. Participants have been invited to use different tools and methods to detect and localize the leakage events that occurred in L-Town in 2019, given the availability of a historical SCADA dataset of the year 2018 and the evaluation SCADA dataset of the year 2019. The teams, without knowing the solution to the problem, have submitted a results file indicating the location and time of the detected leakages.

The methodologies used and a description of the competition problem and results are provided in a Special Collection of papers.

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